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Friday, 6 January 2012

I grab form someone blog....but it really speak out for women










School started 3 days ago T___T

How times fly? My holiday ended so soon....i havent finish all my plan yet....

This year will be an extra buzy year for me.... i'm handling a new UPSR class for Mathematics subject, it is a challenge for me.

I'm a bit down for not teaching english for this year, when i have the anger and passion to do my best....*sobsob*

NVM....this is call life, we cant really predict or plan what we want then expect it to happen. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Clip for idea to teach phonics

This is a very nice clip for teacher. Have a look pls~

(Teaching Reading)(Phonics Lessons)(Sounding Out Words)
Learn how to sound out words. Bonnie Terry, LD Specialist shows how to teach sounding out words to beginning readers. If reading came naturally, teaching reading would be a much easier job. Children would learn to read as readily as they learn to speak. ... I'm Reading · Plays, Nonfiction, Comics + more! ... products as an inexpensive way to make the classroom more fun and inspire a love of reading and writing. The communicative approach to language teaching has given instructors a different understanding of the role of reading in the language classroom and the ... How to Sound Out Words. Since English is such an irregular language, sounding out words can be difficult for new readers and ESL students. Teach strategies that will help improve students' reading skills, comprehension and confidence in class.­ds Phonics offers your beginning reader the strategies she needs to sound out words. For example, she learns that the letter D has the sound of "d" as in "doll ...

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Friday, 9 December 2011

Useful site - British Council

I wish to share a site that you and your kids could learn English online for FREE!!

Its British Council ~
For teaching
For kids

They even have parents site too!!

Learn English online with the help of this free website from the British Council withgames, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises. You can search for your favourites, or have a look at the site map to find out where everything is.

You will find lots of new listening activities and video content in Listen & Watch. We also have a new Grammar section and new IELTS exam practice materials. We are currently moving content over to our Business & Work section from our sister site LearnEnglish Professionals.