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Monday, 7 November 2011

Pronouns - Words used instead of nouns

Pronouns (Words used instead of nouns)
Boy running Girl Sitting Pigeon Eating
This is a boy.
He is running.
This is a girl.
She is sitting.
This is a piegon.
It is eating

From the above pictures and sentences we can see:-

instead of boy, the word 'He' is used.
instead of girl, the word 'She' is used.
instead of pigeon, the word 'It' is used.

Words like he, she and it which are used instead of the nouns boy, girl and pigeon are pronouns.
A pronoun is used insted of a noun.
Other pronouns are his, him, her, its, I, you, your, they, them, their, my, mine and me.

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